The grants total $375,293 in federal funds allotted by the DNR Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology. They will be matched by $360,718 in local and private funds, for a total investment of $736,011.

The fireworks will be flying over the water at Mississinewa Lake Beach this Saturday night and the public is invited to bring a blanket, beach chair, or boat to watch and take part of the Mighty Mississinewa Centennial Celebration.

Three state agencies are working together this summer to promote water safety and alert citizens to the dangers of recreating near low head dams on Indiana river systems.

Indiana's four free days of fishing are on April 16, May 21 and June 4-5, 2016.

The Department of Natural Resources has received numerous questions regarding recent legislation that legalizes certain rifles for deer hunting beginning later this year. Most questions have to do with calibers and cartridges allowed under the new law.

Indiana Conservation Officers will be partnering with the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) to encourage boaters to Spring Aboard and enroll in a boater education course.

Indiana Conservation Officers (ICO’s) are seeking qualified applicants.

Bald Eagle

While the following Department of Natural Resource press release relates to a Bald Eagle shot in Debois County Indiana, Peru Miami News sees the need to pass this information on to Miami County residents as we have a substantial number of American Bald Eagles living within Miami County.