New Banners were recently installed downtown and are a collaborative effort between ReDiscover Downtown Peru, Inc., the City of Peru and the Miami County Economic Development Authority.

ReDiscover Downtown Peru, Inc. (RDP) is the lead organization and the program’s administrator. The banner program was made possible by the State of Indiana’s Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA). RDP applied for and was awarded a $5000.00 Downtown Enhancement Grant (DEG) OCRA in the fall of 2016. OCRA awards The Downtown Enhancement Grant (DEG) to organizations and communities once a year and is designed to foster innovative approaches to activities, which support and promote community based planning, re-development, and research initiatives. The goal of these projects is to improve the quality of life and opportunities for increasing private investment and employment in Indiana Main Street (IMS) communities.

RDP developed and created the banner program to help visitors to our community:

  • Identify the Downtown service areas;
  • Activate the public space that would otherwise be empty;
  • Add color and vitality to the Downtown streetscapes;
  • Publicizes a diverse range of events, activities and attractions that draw people into Downtown Peru.

The program strives to showcase the exceptional heritage and charm of Peru along the primary commercial thoroughfares leading to downtown. The banner project will establish clear, safe and inviting links to the downtown business district, allowing motorists and pedestrians to identify shopping, dining and cultural experiences. The banners will complement the well-placed way finding signage that has already been installed along the two main corridors and downtown district which covers the main thoroughfares of the west entrance to downtown Peru from west Main Street to the east border of Wabash Avenue and the north and south thoroughfares of North Broadway to the south end Broadway Bridge.

Scope of work and timeline for the Project:
The banner program’s production and installation is administered by an Advisory Committee comprised of five members of the board of directors of RDP and will be rolled out in two phases. Phase one of the program has been completed and consisted of the design, production and installation of the four initial banner designs consisting of the (Dine, Shop, Experience and Rediscover) downtown themes. The phase one banners are owned and maintained by RDP.

Phase two will offer non-profit and community based organizations the opportunity to submit applications for the sponsorship of banners in designated locations along the main thoroughfares of the downtown district. Sponsored banners will provide local non-profits and community based organizations the opportunity to promote a diverse range of events, activities and attractions.

For more information on the Banner Program or to apply for a banner sponsorship, please contact the ReDiscover Downtown Peru Board at or check out the website at .

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