The Miami County Community Foundation (MCCF) received an $11,124 grant from United Way of Miami County in support of its Preschool Scholarship Program.

The grant will enable 4-year-olds from low income families to obtain a preschool education that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

The United Way of Miami County received funding for the grant through Indiana Association of United Ways in the form of a dollar-for-dollar matching opportunity. While the United Way of Miami County had two years to raise the necessary funds, they achieved their goal within the first year, thus allowing them to provide this grant to the Community Foundation right away.

MCCF Director of Development Connie Cutler said, “We at the Community Foundation are very appreciative of this grant. This program is so important, and we are thankful that United Way of Miami County provided the funds to ensure that it will continue for the next two years.”Community Foundation

The United Way of Miami County has provided support for the MCCF Preschool Scholarship Program in the past due to the alignment of the program’s goals and the mission of United Way, which is to provide “direction and accountability to promote education, health, and financial independence.”

The MCCF formed the program in response to research that points to early childhood education as an indicator for success later in life. Children who attend preschool are ready to learn when they go to kindergarten. They are set on a track for success and are more likely to read at grade level, graduate high school, and obtain a college degree. These factors also result in higher incomes due to more education and a lower likelihood of being incarcerated or needing government assistance.

Debi Wallick, Executive Director of United Way of Miami County, spoke about the importance for the youth of Miami County “to be empowered” and “to have that opportunity to be successful.” She added that their partnership with the MCCF is beneficial because the MCCF facilitates the program, administers the scholarships, and collects the data, and United Way of Miami County can feel confident that their dollars are making a difference. “You wouldn’t believe how rewarding it is for us,” she said.

The Miami County Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Northern Indiana Community Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) public trust. The mission of the Community Foundation is to improve the quality of life in our communities by assisting donors in fulfilling their charitable wishes forever. We do this by building endowment funds for our communities with contributions, both large and small.

For more information, contact the Northern Indiana Community Foundation toll free at 877-432-6423 or MCCF Director of Development Connie Cutler at 765-475-2859.

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