The enveloping story of "Drop Dead!" finds Director Victor Le Pewe (portrayed by Dan Brown) trying to mount an English-style mystery

Only 3 Nights Left!

Tonight opens two weeks of everything Christmas at Ole Olsen Memorial Theater, with the premier of “Ole’s Showstoppin’, Nutcrackin’, Crazy Christmas Program”.

Raising Awareness To The Plight Of Veterans

Ole Olsen Memorial Theater is performing Steel Magnolias this weekend at the Peru Depot.

Showstoppers will be taking the Christmas stage at the Peru Depot by storm this year with an original play written by Kelly Makin and Courtney Voss.

Kickboxing competition slated for local fighters and opponents from Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee

The Bible says “Do Unto Others”

Freud theorizes about “Reverse Psychology”

Science proves opposite poles attract

Pat Benatar belts “Love is a Battlefield”