From the Editor:

I don’t usually do this as a reporter, but in this case, I am making an exception. I am going to write and tell this story from my own perspective because this one is personal to me.

The Miami County Democrat Party has qualified candidates for county positions that have been held by a one party system for way too long.

Once again, it’s decision time as to who we support and why we need to elect individuals who will stand up and fight for the rights of all citizens.

Family gatherings, picnics and fireworks. Today people from all across our country will celebrate Independence Day. We hope that you will take a moment and reflect on how our great nation came to be and remember the sacrifices that many have made to make today possible.

On Saturday, May the 14 the 24th year of the nationwide "Stamp Out Hunger Letter Carriers Food Drive" was completed. It was a large success across the nation and in Miami County.

As I complete my tour as the Commander of the 434th Air Refueling Wing at Grissom Air Reserve Base, I would like to share a few thoughts with you.

After reading several stories online of what happened at the Miami County Courthouse on Election Day, I have decided I want to give my account of what I saw take place that evening.

Dear Editor,

Justice Antonin Scalia was the first sitting Supreme Court Justice that I was able to remember by name. Unlike the passing of other government leaders, when I heard the news of his death I was affected deeply. This absence on the bench of the highest court in this land is immediately obvious, I fear we have slid oh so far from our humble beginnings to recover without another Nino.