INDIANAPOLIS – Attorney General Curtis Hill is warning Hoosiers not to fall for deceptive promotions implying that individual Indiana citizens may receive payments under the terms of the Tobacco Master Settlement.


In fact, the Indiana legislature directs the use of those settlement funds for state agencies -- and none of the money goes to individual payments.

Specifically, Hoosiers should beware a pitch inviting them to sign up for such payments through Money Map Press. This online promotion attempts to entice Hoosiers by indicating they could be eligible to receive cash under terms of the settlement. In reality, once consumers agree to pay for more information, the sponsors of the promotion simply provide them information about tobacco revenue bonds.

The website asks for consumers’ billing and payment information to subscribe to a monthly report in order to gain more information. After consumers enter their information, they are billed $5 for the first month of the subscription and then an additional $99 as a yearly subscription fee.

The Office of the Indiana Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division (CPD) encourages individuals to avoid signing up for this subscription -- which may prove difficult to cancel once the subscriber has entered his or her billing information. As always, the CPD reminds Hoosiers to make sure the websites they are using are legitimate and credible sites. Residents should be especially wary whenever prompted to sign up for any sort of subscriber list that may request personal and sensitive information.

Hoosiers are encouraged to contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General if they believe they have been scammed. You can reach the CPD by visiting or calling .


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