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As the story began to unfold recently of the battery and confinement of a male juvenile,

Deputies from the Miami County Sheriff’s Department learned of two more male juveniles who had been held at gunpoint, threatened, and one battered. When deputies went to serve a search warrant on the home, a drug trade unfolded as deputies seized a notebook ledger with names and money amounts, various drugs and $6900 in cash.

Miami County Prosecutor Bruce Embrey released three Probable Cause Affidavits late yesterday afternoon which detailed the Miami County Sheriff’s Department case against Reginald Greene, 36, and Tanisha Witt, 35, both of 1250 Chanute Avenue at Eagles Pointe in Peru. 

NOTE: This case involves the victimization of five minor’s, three juvenile males directly, and two small children, their names will not be released. However, due to the complexity of the story, the three male juveniles will be referred to as Ken, Mike, and Sam. (These are not the real first names, they are simply random first names assigned by Peru Miami News for the purpose of telling the story.)
The three probable cause affidavits are being published in their entirety.

Probable Cause Affidavit #1
The first probable cause affidavit was filed by investigating officer, Deputy Nathan Freeman of the Miami County Sheriff’s Department, on an incident which occurred on May 23, 2014 at approximately 8 p.m.
Charges Filed against Reginald N. Greene Included: Criminal Confinement IC 35-42-3-3 and Battery IC 35-42-2-1
Charges Filed against Tanisha Witt included: Criminal Confinement IC 35-42-3-3
” On 5/23/14 at approximately 10:47 pm received a dispatch that a burglary had occurred at 1250 Chanute and that the suspect was still in the house. Deputies Smallwood and Jenkins arrived on scene approximately 10 minutes before me and were investigating the report upon my arrival. I entered the house and saw a white male (Ken) sitting on a couch in the living room with bruising on his face and dried blood on his lips. I also noticed four other adults that were speaking with Smallwood and Jenkins. I was told that the battered male (Ken) had been caught exiting through a window by the homeowner and that he was a juvenile. Miami County Probation, had been called and recommended detaining the subject (Ken), I placed the male (Ken) in double locked hand restraints and took him to my police vehicle. In the vehicle, the juvenile (Ken) informed me that he was invited into the residence and jumped by Reggie. The juvenile (Ken) further stated that Reggie duct taped his hands and feet, beat him with a belt and tazed (him). He (Ken) stated these events took place over a two hour period before law enforcement was called. I left the juvenile (Ken) in my car and returned to the house to speak with the Deputies and other parties involved.”
“As I returned to the house, I was met outside by the juvenile's (Ken’s) sister. She said she had been, at the house for approximately 45 minutes before law enforcement was called. She said her brother (Ken) didn't say anything inside the house and acted scared. She told Reggie to call the police because her brother (Ken) keeps getting in trouble and she didn't know how to stop him, she thought her brother (Ken) was quiet because he knew he had really messed up.”

“Deputy Jenkins said that the juvenile (Ken) did not say anything while in the house and he was unaware that the Juvenile (Ken) had been bound and beaten. He said Reggie had told him that he and his family returned home to find the juvenile (Ken) leaving through the window. Reggie took chase and caught him (Ken) in the back yard a couple houses east. Reggie said he slapped the juvenile (Ken) a couple times before taking him back to his house and calling his (Ken’s) sister. Once the sister arrived, they called law enforcement because the sister could not control her brother (Ken) any longer.”

“I spoke with Reggie and asked him what had happened. He told me the same story he had told Deputy Jenkins. I then asked Reggie if he had hit the juvenile (Ken) with a belt, if he had duct taped his hands and feet, and if he beat him in the house as well as outside. I asked one question at a time and waited for an answer before asking the next question. Each time Reggie admitted to doing the things the juvenile (Ken) accused him of. I asked how long he waited before calling law enforcement and Reggie said no more than 2 or 2 and a half hours. Reggie said he wanted to talk to the juvenile's (Ken’s) sister before calling the police, and that the sister was there for about 1 hour before he called the police. Reggie said his girlfriend, Tanisha Witt, was in the house and witnessed him duct tape the juvenile's (Ken’s) hands and feet, but she did not hit him (Ken). All of these events occurred in the presence of Reggie's four year old daughter and three year old son.”

“I released the juvenile (Ken) to his mother and called the Department Child Services Reggie's children. DCS approved Reggie's children being left with Reggie's sister. Both Tanisha Witt and Reginald Greene were transported to the Miami County Jail without incident.” Deputy Nathan Freeman

Probable Cause Affidavit #2
The second probable cause affidavit was filed by investigating officer, Deputy Nathan Freeman of the Miami County Sheriff’s Department, on an incident which occurred on May 12, 2014, between midnight and 6 a.m. at 1250 Chanute Avenue.
Charges Filed against Reginald Greene, 36, and Tanisha Witt, 35, both of 1250 Chanute Avenue included: Criminal Confinement IC 35-42-3-3; Pointing a Firearm IC 35-47-4-5; and Battery IC 35-42-2-1
“On 05/23/14, I investigated a case where Reginald Greene was arrested for criminal confinement and battery on (Ken). Greene and his girlfriend, Tanisha Witt were arrested and transported to the Miami County Sheriffs' Department and the victim, (Ken) was released to his mother on the evening of the initial investigation.”

“On 05/28/14, 1 did a follow-up interview with (Ken) and other witnesses in the initial case.
During the interview, (Ken) stated two of his friends, (Mike) and (Sam), and he had broken into a vehicle owned by Green and were caught doing so by Witt. (Ken) stated that when they were caught breaking into the vehicle by Witt that they (Mike and Sam) were taken into the residence at gunpoint. (Sam and Mike) told Greene and Witt about (Ken’s) involvement. (Ken) was later contacted by Greene and Witt and coerced into working for them.”

“During the interview, (Ken) stated that while he was working for Green, Greene showed him a video that had been recorded with either Greene’s or Witt’s cell phone. The video was taken the evening (Mike) and (Sam) were caught breaking into Greene’s vehicle. The video depicted (Sam) and (Mike) in Greene’s residence with Witt and Greene apparently interrogating the two. At one point they were told by Greene and Witt they would be forced to perform (explicative) sex on one another or (explicative) sex on one another if they were not forthcoming in giving the information they wanted. (Ken) stated he personally watched the video on Witt’s phone. During the interview with (Ken), I also learned that (Mike) was a witness in the case I was currently investigating regarding the criminal confinement on (Ken).”
“On 05/29/14, I contacted (Mike) and his mother, and they agreed to give a statement. I obtained (Mike’s) statement on 05/29/14. In his statement, (Mike) said that within the last two weeks (he could not remember the exact day) his friends and he had been breaking into vehicles and taking items. One of the vehicles they attempted to break into belonged to Witt or Greene. He (Mike) stated while they were entering the vehicle Witt came out of their residence with a handgun. When she screamed that they were breaking into her vehicle, Greene also came out of the residence with a handgun.”

“(Mike) stated (Sam) and he were standing near the vehicle but (Ken) had run away and was later located at his residence. He stated Witt and Greene ordered (Sam) and he into their residence. (Mike) said once inside the residence they (Greene and Witt) pointed the handguns at them (Mike and Sam), threatened to shoot them, and kept questioning them about other burglaries that had taken place. (Mike) said at one point he believed Greene and Witt used their telephones to make recordings of them (Mike and Sam). During those recordings (Sam) and (Mike) admitted breaking into Witt's father's residence and other burglaries. (Mike) stated at one point Greene and Witt threatened to force them to perform sexual acts on each other. He said they were held in the house for at least three hours. (Mike) stated he was allowed to go home around 5:00 a.m. or 6:00 a.m. after showing them where (Ken) resided. I asked (Mike) why he did not leave the residence. He stated he could not. I asked if he felt as if he was being held against his will and he stated he did. He said he was never battered during this incident; however, at once point Greene slammed (Sam) to the ground from behind. (Mike) could not remember exactly at what point during the evening this occurred. He also said that once Greene learned the three juveniles had been taking items from numerous residences and vehicles that Greene forced (Mike) into giving him some of the items taken from the burglaries they had committed.”

“I then contracted Deputy Chet Sites who was investigating the report of a burglary from a vehicle. I was aware that he had spoken to the three juveniles regarding that burglary. I recalled a casual conversation I had with Deputy Sites wherein he mentioned (Sam) had reported that he was held against his will at gunpoint by Greene during of the burglary attempts. In that matter, Deputy Sites had finished the burglary investigation and was in the process of investigating the report of criminal confinement (of) (Ken).”

“I contacted Deputy Sites and asked if he had a recording of the interview he had obtained from (Sam). He state he did. He said that during the interview, he was focusing on the report of burglary and had viewed (Sam) as a suspect. During the interview, (Mike) did state that (Sam) and (Ken), and he were attempting to burglarize a vehicle outside of Greene’s residence when Witt caught them in the act. (Sam) said (Ken) ran away and Greene and Witt forced him in to the house at gunpoint. Deputy Sites stated that was basically the extent of his mentioning that during his interview.”

“On 05/30/14, 1 contacted (Sam) by telephone and spoke with him regarding the report of criminal confinement by Greene. I informed (Sam) that I was not performing a criminal investigation against him but was requesting he provide a victim's statement. I told him that eventually I would need him to give another recorded statement. (Sam) and his grandmother agreed.”

“(Sam) did inform me over the phone that he was held against his will after being caught trying to break into a vehicle parked outside Greene's and Wit 'residence. He stated he observed one revolver-type gun, brownish or copper in color. (Sam) stated he saw both Witt and Greene with that gun. He said that once they (Sam and Mike) were forced into Greene's residence at gunpoint they (Greene and Witt) would point the gun at them (Sam and Mike), and then set it down. (Sam) stated they (Greene and Witt) did make recordings of the conversations they-had with them (Sam and Mike) where they (Greene and Witt) forced them (Sam and Mike) into admitting to breaking into different residences and vehicles.”

“(Sam) stated when the recording was going, they (Green and Witt) did not have the gun in their hands and it was not visible. (Sam) stated they (Greene and Witt) did threaten to force. (Mike) and him into performing sexual acts on each other but (Sam) could not remember whether that was recorded or not. (Sam) said he believed the recordings were made with a large smartphone, possibly LG brand that possibly had a pink cover on it. (Sam) stated he believed it belonged to Witt. (Sam) also said that (Mike) and he were in the residence for he believed four to five hours, but he could not remember when they were taken in; however, he did remember getting home around 6:00 a.m. the following morning. (Sam) stated he was released at 6:00 a.m. (Sam) said that during the course of the confinement, at one point Greene walked up behind him, picked him up, and then slammed him on the ground. This was the extent of my interview of over the phone. I will be obtaining an additional sworn, taped statement from (Sam) in the days to follow.” Deputy Nathan Freeman

Probable Cause Affidavit #3
The third probable cause affidavit was filed by investigating officer, Deputy Nathan Freeman of the Miami County Sheriff’s Department, on a search warrant that was served on the home of Reginald Greene and Tanisha Witt at 1250 Chanute Avenue, on May 30, 2014, at approximately 9 p.m.
Charges Filed against Reginald Greene, 36, and Tanisha Witt, 35, both of 1250 Chanute included: Possession of Synthetic Marijuana with the Intent to Deal IC 35-48-4-10; Maintaining a Common Nuisance IC 35-48-4-13; Neglect of a Dependent (two counts) IC 35-46-1-4; Possession of a Controlled Substance IC 35-48-4-7; and Possession of Paraphernalia IC 35-48-4-7.

“Through continued investigation of a prior charge for Criminal confinement against Reginald Greene and Tanisha Witt, I was able to obtain a search warrant for 1250 Chanute Avenue; Prior to the search warrant hearing, probable cause was established with the Miami County Circuit Court to affect the arrest of the same two subjects on additional charges of Criminal Confinement, Battery, and Pointing a Firearm. The additional charges were from a separate incident with two additional victims.”

“On 5/30/14 at approximately 9 pm, I arrived with multiple offices to execute the search warrant at 1250 Chanute Avenue, As I approached the residence I witnessed Reginald Greene drive his vehicle and park under the car port at this residence, I approached Reginald and informed him that I had a search warrant for his residence and that he was under arrest for the aforementioned charges of criminal confinement. I placed Greene into double locked hand restraints and searched his pockets. I located a clear plastic bag containing a green plant-like material that through my training and experience, I believed to be synthetic marijuana. I also located approximately $856 cash in Greene's wallet and a silver colored Galaxy II phone. I read Greene his Miranda Rights and asked Greene if he had any questions. After explaining that he was in custody for the criminal confinement (Mike and Sam), (both juvenile males), he asked if I could take him to jail for something that took place a month prior. He also stated that Tanisha Witt would be home in the amount of time it would take her to drive from Kokomo. Greene was transported to the Miami County Jail by ISP Trooper Bailey. While I was talking with Greene, ISP Trooper Dormer was talking with the two children in Greene's car.”

“We made entry into the house utilizing the keys that were on Green’s person and began to execute the search warrant. Pursuant to the search warrant, we located a confiscated two revolvers, a cellular phone in a blue case, scales, schedule II drugs (hydrocodone), additional American currency that was bundled in $500 increments located in a safe and suit case, a notebook with a ledger of names and dollar amounts, six large plastic bags that contained green plant-like material residue (located near the ledger), and other items believed to be associated with the dealing of narcotics.”

“Tanisha Witt arrived on scene at approximately 10:20 pm. I approached Witt, who was accompanied by a 15-year-old female, that we were conducting a search of her residence pursuant to a search warrant obtained earlier that day. I also informed her that she was under arrest for criminal confinement of the same two juveniles already mentioned. Witt was insistent on roiling the windows up on her car and locking it. I informed her that the search warrant granted permission to search her vehicle and that she could leave it unsecured. She secured the vehicle anyway. Witt was placed in double locked hand restraints and read her Miranda Rights. She and her purse were then searched incident to arrest. We located a clear plastic bag that contained a green plant material that field tested positive for marijuana and a "one -hitter" smoking device in her purse. I also confiscated her cell phone. Witt told said that there was some "spice" and "blunts" in the house in the bottom drawer of the coffee table. We located s glass bowl of "blunt" cigarettes that tested positive for marijuana and a white powder in a clear plastic bag. Wilt stated the white powder was the same chemical found in "spice" and that it is used to sprinkle on top of synthetic marijuana to enhance the effects. Witt was then transported to the Miami County Jail by Deputy Jenkins.”

“We then searched the car that Witt had arrived in. Witt stated the car was her car and I saw the same car at the residence a week prior when this case was initiated. Located under the driver's seat was a clear plastic bag that contained approximately 100 grams of a green plant-like material, believed to be synthetic marijuana.”

“The juveniles were released to their mothers per Department of Child Services. There was a dog that was picked up by the Miami County Animal Control Officer, All evidence was collected and logged into evidence at the Miami County Sheriff’s Department. The total amount of American currency confiscated was more than $6900, most of which were $20 bills.” Deputy Nathan Freeman

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