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According to Peru Police Department records, officers from the PPD were called to the 300 block of West Third Street on May 6, 2015 around 7:39 a.m. after they received a 911 hang-up call in the Miami County Central Dispatch Center.

With no official statements from law enforcement or the Prosecutor’s office, rumors of a cover-up have quickly spread throughout the community.  Peru Miami News has received several requests from the community asking for more information.

After speaking with Miami County Prosecutor, Bruce Embrey, and reviewing court records Thursday, we now have a better understanding of what happened.

David Ross, who is the Senior Pastor for the Chapel of Praise Church on Business 31 in Peru, was taken into custody by the PPD and transferred to a mental health facility in the Kokomo area for evaluation and treatment on the day of the incident. 

This action was in response to information provided by Ross and his wife that, the morning of May 6, Mr. Ross had attempted to suffocate his wife with a pillow.  Court documents, which contained a handwritten letter by Mr. Ross, showed Mrs. Ross has been battling cancer and that Mr. Ross stated during the incident that he, “couldn’t see her suffer any longer.”

Mrs. Ross successfully stopped the attack and summoned assistance.

Later that day, Miami County Superior Court Judge David Grund granted a protective order against Mr. Ross for Mrs. Ross.  On May 15, Mrs. Ross petitioned the court to dismiss that protective order and her request was granted.

According to Embrey, Mr. Ross was held for evaluation for approximately one and a half weeks and the recommendation was that he should receive further treatment.

“Their church made arrangements for Mr. Ross to attend a treatment facility in South Carolina,” Embrey said Thursday in an interview. “Mrs. Ross has not been willing to testify or give a statement against her husband on the record. I cannot justify an arrest in this case with no evidence and no witness testimony. That decision is completely up to me and not the police.  If she is willing to make a statement later, I am certainly willing to reconsider, but at this time, without her cooperation, there is no charge that would hold up in court.”

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