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Maconaquah Park

Residents of Peru may have noticed some changes in Maconaquah Park and near West City Park, which are the signal for the beginning of some big changes.

The City of Peru Administration, Parks Department, Street Department, and Utility Department have teamed up to make some changes in the old softball area of the park and to the West City Park as well making some improvements to the West City Park area.

Mayor Jim Walker said the City will be placing an amphitheater in the old softball diamond in Maconaquah Park in September and while the street department has been busy milling down and repaving roads around the city, they are not putting all that mill-work to waste.

Walker said all the milled materials will be used to create a walkway around the amphitheater and parking lot and will also be used to create a walkway between the amphitheater site and the parks playground.

Additionally, the milled materials from the streets will also be used to create a base for a new walkway to be created from the Nickel Plate Trail to the West City Park area.

“The two sides of Maconaquah Park have a cut out between them that people use to go from area to area all the time,” Walker said. “This will give them a nice safe path to walk on through there and allow people to use the two areas much easier. We are also hoping that by creating a sidewalk up by the road and a walkway around the amphitheater area, more people will be able to use and enjoy the park on the south side of the city. They will have a nice oval walkway that can be used all the way around the amphitheater, around the parking lot and on the sidewalk. ”

Walker said the milled street materials makes a very good base for walkways and is very costly to purchase otherwise, but by using the materials already being scraped off the roads by the city’s street department, the city is saving money and able to create the walkways.

Additionally, the city has cleared a wooded area on a utility easement that goes between the Nickel Plate Trail and West City Park. Walker reported this area will be getting a walkway as well which will allow people who use the Nickel Plate Trail a way into West City Park and vice versa.

While the city continues to negotiate with the Railroad, which owns the property from West City Park along Canal Street, Walker said the hope is for the City of Peru to be able to acquire that property in the future and continue the Riverwalk into West City Park. With the addition of the walkway linking West City Park to the Nickel Plate Trail, residents in Peru would be able to gain access to the trail from the Riverwalk which Starts at Broadway and follows Canal Street west.

“The amphitheater is in the final design approval stages,” Walker said. Once that is done, the construction of the amphitheater is really only a few days. We are expecting to have it in the park in September and hoping to have a concert in the park this fall to celebrate it’s opening.”

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