We love Miami County!

Thank you to the Miami County Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to join the membership and tell our story.

I feel like I’ve come home, back to my roots, with my partner, Vincent. I am proud to say that I am a fifth generation Peruvian and Miami County citizen. My grandparents were farmers, one of my great-uncles worked for the railroad company, and my great-great grandfather who served in the Union Army during the Civil War was a local craftsman and farmer. Vincent and I have lived and worked in cities across the country, and overseas, but it is Peru and Miami County where we are so very excited to call home and launch our business. Very quickly, we have settled into our new lives here since moving from Chicago in late 2014. Truthfully, it’s been far easier than we would have ever thought possible. Everybody has been so helpful. We are grateful for the kindness all of you have shown us.

Vincent and I are launching a health consulting business called Aces+ (that’s “AcesPlus”). We are personal health strategists who work with individuals and with small business owners and their employees. Our mission is to help our clients celebrate their health. We do this by challenging them to focus on a 90-day health and wellness goal and surrounding them with health buddies, businesses, and community organizations to cheer them on and support them. We also strategize with our clients ways to maximize their health insurance and navigate the healthcare system. Our goal really is to inspire our clients to take full advantage of preventative health. We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to see how their successes in making positive lifestyle changes affect their physical health, their mental health, and even how they utilize health and insurance resources.

We chose our business name “Aces+” for a couple of reasons. But the most compelling reason for us is that it signifies a system of supports. No one wants to go it alone when it comes to health. So our business is to encourage our clients to make connections with health champions, their “aces”, and then celebrate their health successes.

We'd love to hear from you. Please call or email us to introduce yourself and your business. Tell us how we can serve you -- be it as partners, sponsors, or your personal health strategist.


Austina Reed, PhD & Vincent Edmunds
Reed-Edmunds, LLC dba AcesPLUSTM
765-327-2558 (office)
773-355-7486 (cell)

Aces+ is a membership network of individuals, families, health partners, businesses and community organizations committed to achieving health and wellness goals that support positive, healthy living. Our Aces+ Health Pledge is the foundation of our membership network; healthy activities big and small are set by each and every one of our Aces+ members to embrace confidence and achieve healthy goals. As personal health strategists, we do everything in our power to help our members succeed in achieving their health. We offer tools, resources, and celebrations to our members and their aces in their efforts to embrace positive lifestyle changes and to navigate the healthcare system.

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