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Peru Miami News is an online newspaper for Peru and Miami County Indiana featuring nothing but local news.
Peru Miami News is a nonprofit organization and functions for the benefit of all current and past residents of Miami County by providing the local community with information about the activities of local government, police agencies, community organizations, churches, schools, citizens and any other group, individual or activity relevant to Miami County.

Since we started in October of 2013 the community has responded favorably and we have reached over 78,000 different people who have viewed our website over 300,000 times.

To accomplish our mission we establish for ourselves the following goals:
1. To be the indispensable, timely source of information on the economic, political, social, sports and cultural life of Miami County by examining all subjects that touch our readers.
2. To make the portal useful by providing readers with information relevant to their daily lives.
3. To deepen understanding of the news by rooting events in history, explaining their significance, and exploring the ideas behind them.
4. To raise issues aggressively and constructively, and to expose inefficiency, injustice and corruption in matters of public interest.
5. To extend the circle of public debate as widely as possible, by reflecting the diversity of the people of Miami County and by seeking out voices that often are ignored.
6. To guard against arrogance and complacency and to be open to criticism, remembering our responsibility as information provider to the residents of Miami County.
7. To strive toward these goals with fairness, honesty, compassion, and tenacity in order to enrich the lives of Miami County residents, benefit the public life of our government representatives, and support the prosperity of local businesses.

Thanks to everyone for all your support!
-Kelly Voss & David Makin

All the news and information we provide is free to everyone without a subscription required. Our goal is to provide nothing but local news from around Peru and Miami County. We want to feature everything that happens in our little corner of the woods from T-ball to church events, from city council meetings to the park department and everything in between.

No news is too small or less important than anything else that happens.

We need the help of the community to accomplish this so we encourage everyone who has an idea for a story or knowledge of an event to please let us know at We can't know about everything but, if you tell us, we'll get it posted.


Peru Miami News Contact Information

Peru Miami News
118 W Main St
Peru, IN 46970


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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